2015 Registration

Architecture applicants must submit the following:

  • Completed online application form
  • Proposal Outline (max 500 words, formatted in Word/PDF)
  • Supporting weblinks to company website, including for example writings, project plans
  • Current resume/curriculum vitae
  • Two letters of recommendation

All documents should be drafted in English and submitted in PDF format.


CV:  No more than 4 x A4 pages and to include:

  • Professional:  qualifications, current position, organisation and current field of focus.
  • Academic:   Highest academic degree obtained; date obtained; degree-granting university/college; and field of research.

One x A4 written Proposal Outline as follows:

  • Outline your area of architectural expertise and identify, within this field, the scope of work for your residency focus.
  • Outline your proposal for an architectural research-by-design project together with its objectives and outcomes to be achievable and completed within the 12 week residency period.
  • Indicate how the residency project could further your architectural work and how your project relates to the stated goals of the residency.
  • Suggest how your project will benefit the broader Australian community.
  • Describe ideas you have for disseminating your work while in Australia and post residency and identify your audience.

Suppport Material as follows:

  • One copy of up to 2 manuscripts/publications/extracts/synopsis/essays – via weblink;
  • Up to 7 images – 300dpi JPEG format only – via weblink;
  • DVD footage no longer than 5 minutes (optional) – via weblink;
  • Two letters of recommendation. Referees providing accompanying letters should:
    • Evaluate your professional work and your standing in your field;
    • Evaluate the substance, merit, and feasibility of your proposed project;
    • Comment on your ability and willingness to contribute to the aims /goals of the Residency.
    • Be available for contact by Jury members if requested.


Applicants should provide weblinks (which may be to, for example, Personal or Practice Website, Google Drive, Flicker, Facebook) to attachments and/or portfolio of work. Items linked may include photographs, illustrations of design work, publications, research projects, videos.

(Work submitted should be the sole product of the applicant, or substantially the product of the applicant with the applicant’s role in the work clearly noted.)


  • If you have difficulty accessing or submitting an online application, or have questions to submit, please contact the Program Manager by e-mail to: residency@architecture.com.au

For further  information about the Australian Institute of Architects, please visit: www.architecture.com.au